Present Students

    Present Postdocs

      Previous Students 
      • Theresa Morrison (co-advisor: Sarah Gille, now at Princeton University)
      • Joshua Jones (PhD Committee member, now at SIO)
      • Isabella Arzeno-Soltero (PhD Committee member, now at Stanford University)
      • André Palóczy (co-advised with Sarah Gille and Jen Mackinnon, now at University of Oslo, Norway)
      • Arachaporn (Waen) Anutaliya (co-advised with Uwe Send and Janet Sprintall, now at Burapha University, Thailand)
      • Andrew Delman (co-advised with Janet Sprintall and Lynne Talley, now at UCLA)
      • Linghan Li (PhD Committee member)
      • Antonio Martinho (PhD Committee member, Naval Postgraduate School, now at IH, Portugal)
      • Jimmie Pelton (Naval Postgraduate School, now at Eniram)
      • Michael Lemon (Naval Postgraduate School, NOAA Corps, retired)
      Previous Post-Docs
      • Elizabeth Fine (now at IOD/SIO)
      • He Wang (co-advised with Lynne Talley, now at UCAR/NOAA GFDL/U. Michigan)
      • Ru Chen (co-advised with Sarah Gille, now at Tianjin University, China)
      • Alexa Griesel (co-advised with Sarah Gille and Janet Sprintall, now at U. Hamburg, Germany)
      • Detelina Ivanova (LLNL, now at Climformatics)
      • Prasad Thoppil (Naval Postgraduate School, now at NRLSSC)
      • Lianghua Shu (Naval Postgraduate School, now at Data Recognition Corporation)
      Previous Mentorees:
      • Lixiao Xu (Ocean University of China)
      • Alma Castillo-Trujillo (now at WHOI)
      • Tim Sieke (SIO SRA; now MS student at U. Kiel)
      • Evan Sawyer (SIO SRA; completing MS in Math at UCSD)